HackBaroda is Baroda's first hackathon event open to the masses, bringing together 100s of Gujarat's finest hackers.

With HackBaroda, we want to prepare talent from Gujarat for hackathons in India and abroad, by hosting an event of a quality and potential that has never been seen before in Gujarat. 

By providing the finest mentors, facilities, hardware, food and awesomeness, we want to highlight in India the joy of hacker and maker culture.

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  1. Please upload a single zip file consisting of the code, readme and screenshot(s).
  2. The code should include everything writen by you during the event.
  3. Do not include external libraries and dependencies in your submission.
  4. Please provide short complile/usage instructions in a file "readme.txt"
  5. Include a screenshot with your submission

If you have any questions, please ask the MVPs at the venue

Submission deadline: 11:00am


  1. Since the link will automatically stop accepting submisions at 11:00, we will not be able to extend the deadline.
  2. You can resubmit as many times as you want. We'll look at your latest submission.
  3. Only one member from the team has to submit on behalf of everyone.


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Saumil Shah

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Kandarp Shah

Sohil Patel

Sohil Patel

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Pinakin Zaveri

Rohit Arya

Rohit Arya

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    5 points
  • Innovation
    5 points
  • Design
    5 points
  • Technical Difficulty
    5 points
  • Bonus
    2 points - for anything else judges find impressive